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Working Gloves have the quality to distinguish its quality and performance, we strive for success through our product quality and its performance, our aim is to develop those gloves that are required by industry and individuals to provide them with maximum safety and reliability.

Our aim to make the smartest and most sustainable work gloves in the world.

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We are PPE suppliers for Leather, Nitrile, Latex, PU etc gloves. We  make sure that each customer gets the right products for his needs. The right protection for each job.

If any PPE product is required which is not on the website, pls contact us for more details.

Sustainable leather production LWG

Sustainable Leather Working Gloves Production

Keeping the environment in mind, we are introducing Leather working Gloves produced in a sustainable way. We are a tannery based manufacturer of Leather gloves. We are proud to inform you that our tannery is one of the very few Tanneries in the world who are Leather Working Group (LWG)   audit approved. Below you can read what LWG audit stands for.

Leather Working Group is a not-for-profit organisation responsible for the world’s leading environmental certification for the leather manufacturing industry. As a multi-stakeholder group, LWG boasts over 1300 members from across the leather supply chain, including:

  • Brands and retailers that sell leather products to consumers  ( Like ZARA, ALDI etc)

  • Manufacturers of leather ( like our tannery) 

  • Traders of part-processed and finished leather 

  • Manufacturers of leather garments, footwear and furniture 

  • Suppliers of chemicals, machinery and testing for the leather industry 

  • Associations within and related to the leather industry. 

Since 2005, LWG has identified environmental best practices in the industry and provided guidelines for continual improvement. In fact, LWG offer a suite of auditing tools to assess the environmental performance of leather manufacturing facilities – and they certify those that meet their standards. 

The LWG aims to improve the impact of the LWG supply chain in a holistic way by becoming the overarching standard for leather manufacturing, covering all elements & actors in the leather value chain. Our group will:

  • Promote the positive aspects of LWG certification, through: 

    • Accurate metrics and data-driven insights

    • Supply chain transparency

    • Credible ESG certification 

  • Market and communicate more effectively to consumers & brands

  • Provide detailed information on key up-stream and down-stream topics to enable brands and members to make informed decisions, and carry out the necessary and additional due diligence that may be required

  • Provide greater collaboration across all sectors on behalf of and in the best interests of their brands and members


I have started buying all my work and Very high elasticity and grip from Working Gloves and have found the pricing and quality superb. The leather cow hide gloves are especially good. The delivery and service is fast and effficient.
Nicholas Saunders
I have been searching for good gardening gloves for some time, Working Gloves offered me a selection of better gloves than I have seen anywhere & very prompt delivery.
Trevor Obee
A bench mark on how customer services should be. My problem was dealt with in a fast and efficient manner. They fully deserve the top marks I've given them.
Tough and strong pair of gloves still going strong to this day will be buying more in the future.
Gary Orr

Working Gloves creates premium quality work gloves that protects and improves performance for working hands.

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